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“Disease free society through affordable diagnosis and Healthcare.”


“To strive for a disease free India through early detection, diagnosis and Healthcare.”
“To develop and deploy the most affordable and accurate technology in the field of Healthcare and make it available to all.”
“To create awareness about affordable diagnostics and healthcare among people.”

Indian Diagnostics and Healthcare Services (IDHS) is a start-up dedicated to serving all human beings by addressing affordable diagnostics and healthcare needs through globally acceptable technology and standards. Diseases are not the same anymore. The environment is going through changes and so is etiology of diseases. There are many more diseases to tackle today than there were a few years back. Needless to say, that as a resilient race, humans have also evolved and have found newer ways and means to diagnose and provide healthcare for diseases. But the key to curing diseases lies in early and accurate detection. Any disease that is diagnosed early can be treated by affordable and effective approach with minimal harm. Complete recovery is very much possible with very low levels of side effects through early diagnosis.

We at IDHS are working for healthier society through accessing and developing healthcare technologies that can help in early detection and cure of diseases which range from the common to very outrageous health conditions. .

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